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We decided quite some time ago to update our website and finally it is ready. We wanted to renew the design but the main reason was to create a site that is easier to navigate still holding all the information that our customers and other visitors are asking for.

Gustav Innovation is glad to present this new website and it is a great step in our company's development. It is an important investment to make as internet is one of the most essential medias to use on today's market.
Our goal has been to create a site that is simple to navigate still holding all adequate information for our visitors. We have also focused on making it easier for our visitors to understand the benefits of our products and how appreciated they are.
Another goal has been to make it easy to interact with modern social networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc.
When navigating through the site you will find new features such as a "store locator" and "press and news room". Today the store locator is showing a few reference stores in each available country.
I hope that all of you likes the new site and as usual you are always welcome to contact us for any questions of other thought you would like to share.

Gustav Widström
(managing director)

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